You probably have tried to resume expired/failed downloads in UC browser but you get to that point of frustration as it does not seem to resume at all. Most people even get to 99% and see the “download failed” message – This is really annoying and can drive one nuts, trust me i know how that feels. The expired/failed download usually occurs when you pause a non resumable file in UC browser.

Today, i have a solution to get rid of the link expired and download failed errors in UC browser. By this trick, you can conveniently resume the link expired of unfinished tasks in UC browser without any hassle. Just follow the given steps below to solve the issue.

How To Resume Expired/Failed Downloads In UC Browser

Step 1: First of all, you need a file explorer on your phone. Any file explorer will do even the default file explorer that comes with your phone. Now while downloading the file, you may get “Retrying” error as shown in the image below.

Step 2: To resume this file, open UC Download folder in your file manager. You will see two files with the same name which you are trying to download.

Step 3: Now, move those two files to any folder but the UC Downloads folder. Then open UC browser and copy the download link of your file.

Step 4: Delete the file from your UC Browser’s download section.

Step 5: Now start downloading the same file again from the same link copied earlier. You will notice that the file download will start from the beginning. Pause the download when it reaches 2% or 5%.

Step 6: Open the UC Downloads folder again and you will find both file there. Now delete the both files from UC Downloads folder. Move those file you moved to another folder earlier, back to the UC Downloads folder. Then open UC Browser and resume the paused download.

That’s it… Now the file will resume from the last broken point where it failed earlier or was expired.

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This trick will save you both data and time.

Note: Does not work with “Resume Not Supported” files.

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