Learn how to unblock websites in quick time with just a few simple steps. Here is a complete guide to unblock and access any website.

Some of your favorite websites may be blocked by your school or company for reasons such as saving the bandwidth or improving productivity during work hours. Sometimes a government or ISP may suddenly block websites to impose Internet censorship resulting in real pain and inconvenience for the users. If you are an individual facing such inconvenience and want to unblock websites to bypass restrictions this article can help you out.

Ways to Unblock Websites

There exists several ways to unblock websites where some are easy and some are difficult to implement. Also, there are many obsolete methods that will not work in the present day scenario. Therefore, I am presenting only those methods that I have tested and found to be working as listed below:

1. Using a VPN Proxy – The Best Way

Using a VPN proxy is one of the easiest and best method to unblock any website in quick time. It is fast, secure and extremely reliable during all times of usage. Since it acts as an intermediary between your computer and the websites you browse your real identity such as location and IP address remain obscured to the outside world. Some of the popular VPN proxies are listed below:

1. Hide My Ass VPN – Hide My Ass is one of the most popular VPN service for unblocking any website with ease.

2. VyprVPN – VyprVPN offers the world’s fastest VPN services backed by 30-day money back guarantee.

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How VPN Work?

VPN proxies will hide your IP address by replacing it with a new IP that is tied to a different physical location from where the restricted website is available. In other words, if a website you are trying to access is not available from your network or country, a VPN proxy will assign you an IP from a different country thereby unblocking the website for you.

You can select your origin to be from any country of your choice so that you can easily bypass restrictive censorship and unblock websites with ease.

2. Using Web Based Proxies

Web based proxies can be handy for users looking for a simple and free solution to unblock websites. As most of these are available for free you need not pay for them to use. However, this advantage comes with a catch: many of these free services are slow, user privacy and security is questionable and users do not have a wide range of choice to select their desired IP location.

The following are some of the web based proxy sites that you can try:

3. Using a Translator Service

Translator services such as Google Translator and Microsoft Translator can help you unblock your desired websites. These services act similar to proxy sites wherein they fetch the target site from within their own sites and display them on your screen.

In our case Microsoft Translator is more easy to use and suitable for unblocking websites. All you need to do is just visit the Microsoft Translator and type in the URL of the target site you want to unblock in the left text box. Select ‘English’ as your target language and click on Translate. This should unblock the restricted website and load it from within the Microsoft Translator’s website.

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